Five online community tools (and what to use them for)

2 April 2009
Oneblackbird via flickr

Tools of the Trade

There are endless possibilities for online learning and interaction. Here’s a list of five tools, and what you can use them for: Read the rest of this entry »

Fancy formatting, now also in blogs!

9 February 2009

Writing a quick blog post? Great! Write it down, press publish, and you’re done!

But think again: How easy did you make it for your readers to read what you just produced? Clearly, a second reading to check the flow of the text always helps, but there are also a couple of very simple tricks to make a text more accessible. I’m talking formatting here.

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Publishing under your own name

9 February 2009

Blogs are personal. So are learning processes.

That’s why we have decided to publish blog posts under our own name. The ideas and opinions we publish here are our own, and not necessarily ISEALs. We are looking for feedback, and are open to conversation.

You can see the author of a post at the very bottom: This article is ‘Posted by Wiebke’, for example.

In very rare occasions, we will use the account ISEAL Alliance for official announcements like changes in policy, press releases or final documents. All other posts are personal and not vetted or edited in an official process.