Opening links in a new page

Websites with outbound links are a useful source of information for your readers. They enable you to link to articles relevant to the blog post you have written.

Some blogs, such as the Official Google Blog, have trackback features on posts that will increase traffic to your website.

However, external links can entice visitors away from a page. If you write a blog post on a topic and then link to an external blog, visitors might stay on that page and not click the back button when finished.

Making links open in a new page:

An easy solution to this is to make all your pages open in a new window.

That way, visitors can simply switch between windows and are more likely to come back to your page.

When writing a blog post, switch to the HTML view on your text editor and put <a target= “_new” href= before each link instead of “<a href”.

For example, a link to the ISEAL homepage would begin <a target=“_new” href= and then continue as normal.

The downside of links opening in a new window is that this may be mildly annoying for people who already have a lot of browser windows open, but they are in a small minority.

Most people only have one window open when browsing, and open links in new tabs.

You can also do the same for your blogroll, if you have a blog.

For blogs like this one, you can choose an option to open links in a new window.

1.Click the Links button.

2. Edit the link you want to have open in a new tab.

3. Select the button next to “_blank” in the Target submenu.

4. Save changes.

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