Fancy formatting, now also in blogs!

Writing a quick blog post? Great! Write it down, press publish, and you’re done!

But think again: How easy did you make it for your readers to read what you just produced? Clearly, a second reading to check the flow of the text always helps, but there are also a couple of very simple tricks to make a text more accessible. I’m talking formatting here.

How people read on the web

Most people scan, they don’t read. That’s why subheadings are so important. In WordPress (the system of our choice), all you need to do is to highlight your subheading and press the big B button on the top left. Voila, you’ve mastered the first trick.

Have a list?

Lists are oh-so powerful. Show them! Again, click the list-button on your WordPress menu, and voila:

  • Lists highlight the main points of your argument.
  • You can even combine them with bold font and add a short explanation in normal body text.
  • Everybody reads lists. Noone reads body text. Okay, slightly exaggerated, but nearly true.

Link love

We’re not blogging in a vacuum, and most of the time, we actually blog about things that can be found elsewhere on the web. WordPress for example. Show it. Make the additional effort of finding the link, and allowing your readers to delve deeper. Copy the address, mark the word you want to link from, press the weird button with the horizontal 8, and there you are.

Fancy formatting, now also in blogs!

Images are great, because they communicate so much better than words. Take the screenshot above, for example. Do you see the buttons I’ve been speaking about? You also see many more option: The More tag that allows you to split an article into the part you see on the front page, and the rest. Quotes. Embedded media.

Your possibilities are endless. Make your point, and then supplement it with suitable formatting and illustrations. Your readers will thank you for it.

Bonus tip: Copyblogger is an excellent blog with copywriting tips for online media. Read it.

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