Social bookmarking and online planning

During the research for the online community, we have noticed how useful the social bookmarking service is:

  • We can save web pages giving important information for the online community project, and have instant access to them whenever we sign in.
  • We can also share them with other people by adding them as a contact and comment on their bookmarks.
  • Unlike bookmarking in web browsers, you don’t have to worry about slowing your internet down or switching between browsers.
  • can also be useful when defining search keywords, which saves time.

The Delicious toolbar can also be installed so you don’t have to open a new window each time you add a bookmark.

Have you used to improve your online communications?

Do you use any other social networking or social bookmarking tools you would like to post a comment on?

Why not discuss below?

One Response to Social bookmarking and online planning

  1. Delicious is also great if you are using more than one browser (eg. at home and at work). I have the delicious toolbar installed on both, and couldn’t live without.

    I also find it useful for defining keywords for searches (eg. typing “g time in vancouver” will perform a google search in all my browsers, “m Brussels” takes me to maps, and “w Antares” to wikipedia), and for bookmarklets. The latter will not be shared with other delicious users, but I can safely add a quote to tumblr or start a blog post on the click of a button.

    One more question before I finally start the weekend: How can ISEAL conserve tips and ideas like this or the ones shared via email in an accessible and fun way?

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